Financial possibilities

If you or your family require recurring support due to conditions such as hoarding/collecting disorder, acquired brain injury (ABI), Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADHD), burnout, or other physical or mental health conditions, you may qualify for an indication from the Social Support Act (Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning, WMO), or the Long-term Care Act (Wet Langdurige Zorg, WLZ).

If you receive funding through a Personal Budget (PGB) via the Long-term Care Act, it may come from a care office. In that case, you can contact the care office from which you receive a budget.

With this budget, it is often possible to hire a professional organizer.

This care is then financed by the municipality or the care office.

Through Zorg in natura (ZIN), the municipality determines who comes to help you with creating structure.

Contact your municipality or care office for questions about the options available to you.


As a professional organizer, I am affiliated with the Dutch Association of Professional Organizers (Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Professional Organizers, NBPO). The NBPO aims to ensure quality and professionalism, among other things. I am also a Regional Coordinator for the province of Overijssel, together with another professional organizer.

Below is a brief description of the NBPO’s mission, as found on their website (

“The NBPO’s mission is to promote the quality, professionalism, and versatility of its members. This is reflected in, among other things:

  • Sharing knowledge and experience with and among members;
  • Regular (re)training of members in professional knowledge and entrepreneurship;
  • Collaborating in an atmosphere of openness and collegiality;
  • Developing and implementing a quality policy;
  • A bi-weekly newsletter with current professional information;
  • Permanently available information for and by members on the closed part of the website.
In addition, the NBPO organizes activities to raise awareness of the profession of professional organizer, such as through publicity in the media and participation in activities.”

For more information, please also visit the website:

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