Spring Cleaning: Organize and Declutter Your Outdoor Space for the Beautiful Weather


With spring just around the corner, it’s time to prepare our homes and gardens for the beautiful weather.As a professional organizer, I believe that organizing and decluttering our outdoor spaces, including the garden, garage, shed, and outdoor belongings, are just as important as organizing our interiors. A tidy and organized outdoor area can contribute to our sense of peace and well-being, just like a neat and organized home.

Organizing and decluttering our outdoor space begins with getting rid of anything we no longer need.

This means not only disposing of broken or worn-out items but also letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose. For example, old garden tools or toys that the children no longer use.

Once everything that can be discarded is gone, it’s time to assess what we still need. Start by organizing our garage or shed. A good approach is to create different categories, such as tools, garden accessories, and sports equipment. This way, you always know where to find everything and no longer have to search for items.

Now that we’ve organized our garage or shed, let’s turn our attention to the garden.

Begin by inspecting our garden furniture. Are there any pieces that need replacement or repair? Make space for new items as well. For example, do you have a designated spot to store your barbecue?

Next, make room for the plants you want to cultivate and garden. Utilize planters and pots to store and categorize the plants. This also makes it easier to keep track of which plants need care.

Lastly, let’s consider our outdoor belongings, such as bikes and sports equipment.

Ensure that these items have a designated place in the garage or shed. For instance, hang a rack to store the bikes, preventing them from being in the way and making them easily accessible.

In summary, spring is the perfect time to organize and declutter our outdoor spaces. By making conscious choices about what we truly need, we can create a tidy and organized outdoor area. This allows us to further enjoy the beautiful weather and enhance our sense of peace and well-being.


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